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We perform reliable mastectomy surgeries in Toms River, NJ

A mastectomy is a surgery in which all of the patient's breast tissue is removed. It is done mainly in situations where the cancer is extensive or in high-risk patients.

The decision to get a mastectomy is never easy. Surgery of any kind can be scary, especially when it involves the removal of part of your body. Barbara Schneider, MD, FACS understands your fear and is dedicated to providing you with the best possible care.

To speak with a reliable breast surgeon in Toms River, NJ about your mastectomy, call 732-244-2060 now. We'll schedule an appointment with you at your convenience.

3 reasons to trust Barbara Schneider, MD, FACS with your surgery

3 reasons to trust Barbara Schneider, MD, FACS with your surgery

Our breast cancer oncology center is one of the top centers in Toms River, NJ. You can trust us with your mastectomy because:

  • Dr. Schneider is a highly-qualified breast surgeon and an accredited fellow of the American College of Surgeons.
  • We've served the Toms River community for years.
  • We've helped women of all ages through not only the surgery, but also the mental and physical aftereffects.

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