We Make Sure the Cancer Is Truly Gone

Learn about nymph node testing in Toms River, NJ today, provided by Barbara Schneider, MD, FACS

Lymph nodes and lymph vessels are a part of your body's immune system. They work as a connected network to collect fluids and substances found outside of the bloodstream.

After your breast oncology treatments, Barbara Schneider, MD, FACS will perform extensive testing to make sure your cancer cells are gone. This testing often includes your lymphatic system and may involve the removal of some lymph nodes.

To learn more about lymph node testing, speak with a breast cancer specialist in Toms River, NJ today. We'll walk you through the lymph node testing process.

If we detect something, we'll act fast

If we detect something, we'll act fast

Using the lymphatic system, breast surgeons can sometimes predict where breast cancer might spread. By testing the lymph nodes around the cancerous area, we can:

  • See if the cancer has begun to spread
  • Analyze how far the cancer has traveled
  • Begin planning follow-up procedures
Call Barbara Schneider, MD, FACS today to learn more about lymph node testing in Toms River, NJ. We'll do everything we can to help you feel comfortable with the process.